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Saturday, January 8, 2011

 There is perhaps nothing more sweet than making a hand-crafted Valentine card to your sweetheart. Here is how you can make something special for your sweetheart this Valentine's day.


1. Supplies: acrylic paint, some vintage paper(available at art stores), pretty ribbons.

2.You can also save some money by making your own vintage paper. All you need is some white paper and soak it in coffee for about 5 min. and then let it dry. For best results after it dries iron the finished product; and there you have your own vintage paper.

3. Browse the Internet for some ideas of what design you want to create on your Valentine Card. Flickr is a great website, just go to and search for: " Valentine Vintage Cards" so you can have an idea of what you want to draw. If you are a good artist you can just create a cartoon character or a design of your own. You can print out the samples below and use them for your valentine cards.

4. Create a post card out of the vintage paper by folding it in half. Put your design on the front or inside the card. Write something on the card like who is this card for, write who the card is from, write a little note, wish a happy valentine's day e.t.c.

5.You can also paint the whole card in any color, if you wish so. You can personalize the card my adding a pretty ribbon to it. This will add beauty and uniqueness to the card.

6. Finally don't for get to sign your name on your work, and give it to your loved one.

 Here are some examples of my work that i have just recently finished painting:

You can customize the card by putting it in a pretty frame; like the one below:
 The frame is hand-crafted by me, you can also make one your self but that will be in a different post.

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